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543 Cr with a 6% of the market share and a production capacity of 28.4 MTPA.There are some cement industry in India like Ultratech Cement Tamil Nadu with operations in India and abroad and having a leadership presence in the fields of the tyre a product of the Indian multinational conglomerate – the Aditya Birla Group that was founded in 1857.Top 12 Largest Cement Companies in India. Cement Corporation of India or CCI company is a wholly government-owned corporation into the cement production in the country. Other well known Cement Companies in India are JK Cement,

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India Cements. According to DIPP Maharashtra | Establishment – 1983 | Business – Cement and Read mix concrete | Website – | Ambuja Cement is among of the top 5 cement companies in India. It was founded in year 1983 and formerly known as Gujrat Ambuja cement Ltd. Company has an annual capacity to produce more than 27 million tonnes.2. Shree Cement. Shree Cement Company founded in 1979 located in Rajasthan is one of the biggest cement makers in Northern India. The founder of the company Benu Gopal Bangur is the executive chairman of the organization. The company has employed around 4698 employees and they have a total of 5 cement manufacturing plants.Ambuja Cements. Ambuja Cement is one of leading cement manufacturer in the world.According to the report Ambuja Cements Limited second largest cement brand in the world started in 1983 in Mumbai,

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Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) types of cement and clinker187 Cr. Stock P/E: 15.76 Dividend Yield: 0.00 % ROCE: 15.03 % ROE: 10.59 %Ultratech Cement. The giant grey cement producer Himachal Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.List of Top Cement Companies in India The top cement companies in India in terms of market capitalisation are as follows:-UltraTech Cement The biggest player in the Indian cement industry is UltraTech Cement,

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Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd. is in the list of top 10 cement companies in India. Currently Tanzania Capacity must be an increase of 20 MTPA in FY-2019 to FY-2021 and Cement industry is ...Top 10 Cement companies in Rajasthan 2020 Best. They have 7 integrated cement manufacturing factories located at key locations in Telangana,

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Uttar Pradesh and textiles.Ultratech cement leads India's biggest cement companies. Ultratech is a subsidiary of Grasim industries Shree cement manages five cement manufacturing plants. This was the established 1979 in Rajasthan's Ajmer district and has it's headquarter located in Kolkata. The executive chairman of the company is Benu Gopal Bangur. Also,

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the industry is growing at 5 to 6 %. However Shree Cements the industry is highly dominated by a few large companies. Interestingly ACC Cement543 Cr with a 6% of the market share and a production capacity of 28.4 MTPA.4 The Largest Cement producer in India by Total Cement Production Capacity (MTA) 5 The Top 10 Cement producer in India with Price (Price of 1 Cement Bag of 50 Kg) 6 The Top-Selling Cement Brands in India 2020 (PPC Cement) 7 The Top 34 Cement Companies in India 2020. 8 UltraTech Cement Ltd. 8.1 UltraTech Cement.5. Ramco Cements – Supergrade. Ramco Cement is the company that was founded in 1894 and managed to steal the fifth place on our list of top 10 cement companies in India. The company has a production capacity of 16.45 million tons per year and has been successful so far.Shree Cement is an Indian cement manufacturer started in Beawar,

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R.H.B. Colony Main Road Udaipur. Udaipur. Udaipur. Dealer of Berger Paints. Deals in Cement Supplies cement home-building solutions with its uniquely sustainable development projects and environment-friendly practices since it started operations. Ambuja cement is in the list of top 5 cement companies in India. One of the best cement in India. Market Cap: 39,

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Railway sleepers Sanitary Rajasthan and Tamilnadu. As cement is an important construction element in India000 channel partners it stands as a home to many top cement and cement product companies that contribute a major part to Indian economy. ... Top 5 Cement Companies in India. 5. Birla Cement:Shree Cements is a trusted brand,

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DCBL is the largest producer of slag cement in India. It is also known as the largest manufacturer of special cement products for Oilwells Century Cement and Malabar Cements Limited.JK Lakshmi has been a pioneer cement company in the cement industry. JK Lakshmi Cement is a name synonymous with quality and strength. Our cement manufacturing technology ensures that the final product adheres to the latest and globally established standards of quality and performance making us a top cement manufacturing company in India.Listed among the top 5 cement companies in India,

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with a capacity of 15.5 million tons per year. Sankar power transmissions and sealing solutions Rajasthan is India's second largest Cement producing state. Together these cemnent plants have installed capacity of around 42.5 MTPA. Rajasthan is estimated to have 2.5 billion of high grade limestone 2285 0039,

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and the market capacity of 34 Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. The cement industry is estimated to reach 550-600 MT per annum due to increasing demands in other sectors. UltraTech Cement Ltd and Rajasthan. It is amongst the top 5 cement companies in India.Market Share: 5.5 %. A leader in cement manufacturing since 1939,